It started out as a personal challenge.

What would happen if I dared myself to rethink all my ideas of beauty?

More than two decades of life and plenty of self-hate to go around, I knew this would not be an easy task.

I have spent my life in front of a camera, and this means that I’m an expert at critiquing every shadow and finding every nuance. It’s impossible to look at myself without simultaneously looking for ways to hide or fix every imperfection.

But on a lazy day in December 2016, something shifted in me. I began to wonder: What if I could use photography to change the way I see and think about myself?

I took those what ifs and sat in front of my camera.

No makeup.

No fancy clothes.

No perfectly styled hair.

It was just me, and when I finally put the camera down and began pouring through each photo, I was shocked at what I saw.

I didn’t see a woman with a too-pointy nose or a lifetime of struggle with imperfect eyebrows.

I saw my strength, my story, and my beauty.

True beauty, I finally understood, isn’t anywhere close to what the world says it is.

My Just Me moment became a catalyst in my life. It reminded me that I am so much more than I think, and it helped me understand that always, always, always I AM ENOUGH.

I knew that I had to share this experience with other women who were also struggling with their own ideas of beauty. Within a few months, what started out as a Just Me session with just one woman grew into a collective of 100 women.

Our journeys taught us more than we expected, and now, we’re sharing those with you.