Another Perspective on the "Just Me" Project

This woman helped me plan my gallery event and because of her organization, communication, and perfectionism, I can first hand say that she truly is an amazing coordinator. She owns Pacific Engagements, and if you're planning a wedding, you will be in such good hands if you hire her. Here is what Alyssa had to say about the project.

Hearing Amy first explain the mission behind her photography project immediately drew me in. I loved how she wanted to change women's perspectives of themselves for the better. It made me want to participate as a way to challenge myself about whether I was confident enough to go through with such a commitment, and to see if I would be happy with images of myself without done-up hair or makeup. There are so many days where I think poorly of my body or facial features because I am constantly surrounded by beautiful women, whether they be strangers, friends, or fellow colleagues. There can be multiple weeks that go by without me ever having the thought of, "Wow, I look really good/pretty/perfect today...," cross my mind. And when some thought even similar to that comes up, it makes me realize how long it has been since a similar moment has occurred, and it's sad when that happens. In those moments, I realize that so many of my daily insecurities are in my head and there is no good reason for me to ever think such negative things about myself. But then days later, I find myself in that negative thought cycle again, and it becomes almost impossible to see through that curtain.

I have personally been working on self-growth throughout the last couple of months, a big part of it pertaining to walking through my past with my current boyfriend. We have gotten to the point in our relationship where the only way for him to know the full "me" is for me to explain the hurt and pain experienced from my past relationships. Though I have never been a victim of physical violence, there are a lot of self-confidence issues and messed up ways of thinking how it is normal to be treated by others that stem from a decade of verbal abuse. And it's so crazy to think that someone so close to me found out the roots of my self-doubt, insecurities, and depression so far down the road. And it's even crazier to reflect on how many people see me on a daily basis and know absolutely nothing about that side of me. Thoughts like that don't even cross their minds. And I appreciate Amy taking these images of women who have been affected in similar ways and sharing their stories publicly so other women out there feel empowered and know they are not alone.

Alyssa, I think you are STUNNING. You are a unique woman with a huge heart and amazing hair. ;) Thank you so much for all you have done for me, and most of all, for trusting me and sharing your vulnerablility. You are a strong, intelligent, passionate woman and I am thankful to know you.

Amy Paine